How Our FinanceIt System Works

Want to start your project but need financing to back you? Take a look below on how our FinanceIt system works. 

When you decide you want to go the FinanceIt route, we will send you a link to apply. We can either set the budget of the project, or leave out the numbers to see how much you will get approved for!

When given the link, you will be prompted to answer a few questions based on your credit information. It is important to fill out all information requested in order to get approved. Without all of the information, the approval process will not go through.

Within 20 minutes, both you and Core Contracting will receive an email stating whether or not you are approved for financial backing.

If you are approved, funds can be accessed almost immediately and you can choose your payment plan type.

You have a budget, they have a plan for it! There is no catch, or hidden fees. You are made aware of all fees before you finalize your plan and funds are released. Interest rates vary. The only official documents you will need is a government-issued photo ID and a void personal cheque for your automated debit payments. In some cases, you may be required to provide a proof of income.

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