6 Ways To Turn Your Space Into A Boho Haven

Boho trends are becoming a strong point in Interior Design as of the last couple of years. Boho interiors are soft, cozy, airy and fun with its mixtures of aesthetic pieces.

Here are some tips on how to turn your space into an boho sanctuary. 

Worn Leather

Worn leather promotes a warm vibe within the space and also adds a vintage touch. Leather also works really well when paired with bold colors and patterns, making it a perfect neutral piece to add to your space.

Large Art Pieces or Collages

A mixture of art pieces that include slogans, patterns, photography, etc help bring interest into your space giving multiple subtle focal points for its users. Large art pieces also work well when they incorporate a subtle blend of the rooms accent colors.

Boho Textiles

When it comes to wallpaper, curtains, rugs and pillows, boho textiles work best when they are warm but bold in its color scheme and ornate in its design. Whether the textiles feature arrows, chevron styles, etc, each shape helps emphasize the nature of eclectic design. Mixing patterns and colors works best with this style as well.

Hints of Mid-Century Modern

Adding small details into the space like iron, metal or raw materials whether it be through the legs of a chair, the coffee table, light fixture, etc, work well to enhance the boho style.

Organic Materials

Soft color pallets with pops of colors and patterns work best. Seagrass baskets, sisal rugs, woven rattan and raw woods help connect the interior to the nature inspired exterior world. Spaces using organic materials tend to feel warm and comfortable.

Going Green

Plants make a great addition to the eclectic style. They are not only great for your indoor air quality and make great aesthetic features but also help further that connection to nature and the outdoors.

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