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Topless glass railings will enhance your space's appearance and usefulness. With their sleek and elegant appearance, these fences offer unhindered vistas without sacrificing strength or safety.

It is a simply chic option that improves any space, whether you're updating the balcony, deck, or pool area of your house. With over 35 years of experience building custom homes in Newfoundland, Core Contracting can help you in making upgrades to your area.

Key features of the topless glass railings by Core Contracting

Seamless design

A continuous barrier is created with topless glass fences, enabling unhindered views of your surroundings. Any room is visually enhanced when typical vertical posts are absent, giving it a sleek and modern appearance.


Topless glass railings are simple to install but have strong safety features. These fences, made of tempered glass panels, offer a safe barrier without obstructing vision. Furthermore, hardware made of aluminum or stainless steel guarantees durability and stability, even in harsh weather.

Customization options

Customize your topless glass railings to meet both your functional and aesthetic needs. A range of glass thicknesses, colors, and finishes are available to match your current architectural style and decor. Glass can be tinted, frosted, or clear, depending on your preference. Customization choices let you design a railing system that expresses your own style.

Easy maintenance

Since topless glass railings require minimal maintenance, they are a great option for active homeowners. To keep the glass panels clear and presentable, just give them an occasional wipe down with little water and a mild detergent. Because there are no vertical poles, you can save time and effort on upkeep by not having to regularly clean the hard-to-reach spots.


Topless glass railings are appropriate for installation in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments and are suitable for residential applications. These adaptable railings maximize views while improving safety and aesthetics on a variety of surfaces, including business buildings, residential balconies and patios, and public areas.

Core Contracting's topless glass railings: crafted outdoor solutions

With over 35 years of experience in the custom house building industry, Core Contracting is the company you need. View our selection of sunroom choices to improve your quality of life while residing in Canada. 

Whether you're searching for a warm, winter getaway or a bright area to take advantage of the summertime warmth, Core Contracting is here to make your dream come true. Explore our most recent advancements in robust materials and energy-efficient glass, with customizable solutions to suit your needs.

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Topless glass railing installation: our approach

Explore our methodical approach to topless glass railing installation. At Core Contracting, precision and quality are our priorities. Learn how we deliver stunning results, step by step.

Step 1

Site evaluation

Our staff thoroughly inspects the room to determine its condition and layout prior to installation. This assessment guarantees compliance with current structures and aids in determining if topless glass railings are feasible to install.
Step 2

Custom design

After the site study is finished, Core Contracting works directly with you to create a custom railing system that satisfies your needs. Our staff works to build a railing solution that blends in smoothly with your environment, taking into account elements like hardware finishes, glass thickness, and railing height.
Step 3

Professional installation

Our skilled professionals execute the installation procedure with accuracy and focus on detail. We guarantee the safe and effective installation of your topless glass railings by using premium materials and industry-leading procedures. We put safety first and try to cause as little interruption as possible to your daily schedule during the installation procedure.
Step 4

Final inspection

To make sure the railings live up to your expectations and our exacting standards of quality, our staff inspects them one last time after installation. We swiftly attend to any problems or revisions to guarantee your complete happiness with the final output.

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