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With numerous threshold configurations and an above-ground bottom running mechanism, the WeatherMaster bi-fold door system is a European-designed product. This system, which has custom hardware components, is designed to maintain big doors, thin sightlines, and low profiles while guaranteeing maximum carry capacity.

WeatherMaster bi-fold door system: features and benefits

Explore the distinctive qualities that set WeatherMaster bi-fold door system by Core Contracting apart and why they're the ultimate choice for your home. Offering an exceptional blend of quality and practicality, these doors stand out for their heightened durability and extensive customization options.

Flexible design

A seamlessly adaptable system featuring doors that effortlessly swing inward or outward using identical profiles.

Superior thermal efficiency

Offers exceptional insulation properties, boosting energy conservation and indoor comfort.

Streamlined inline system

Uniform depth for sash and outer frame, resulting in a sleek, visually appealing look.

High-performance capability

Engineered to support up to 120KG per panel and reach heights of up to 3000mm.

Varied threshold choices

Provides versatility in installation methods and design preferences.

Adjustable jamb feature

Enables tailored adjustments to suit diverse architectural specifications.

Sleek sightlines

Elevates visual aesthetics while maximizing panoramic views.

Dual-color & special finishes

Available to harmonize with any design motif or preference.

Discreet shoot bolt locks

Ensures heightened security discreetly and securely.

Coordinated handles

Complements the overall aesthetic with color-matched handles.

Tailored configurations

Accommodates virtually any layout, accommodating up to 7 panels on both left and right sides with bottom rolling.

Enhanced security features

Optional key-locking mechanism available, with external access available for all configurations.

Why should you choose our WeatherMaster bi-fold door system?

Still uncertain about opting for WeatherMaster bi-fold door system from Core Contracting? Allow this section to dispel any hesitations by showcasing the compelling reasons why selecting us is the optimal choice for enhancing your home.

Streamlined and visually appealing profile

WeatherMaster bi-fold door systems boast slender profiles that optimize sightlines and facilitate seamless garden connectivity. Effortlessly folding to the frame's edge, they enable the creation of expansive openings, flooding interiors with natural light.

Enhanced security and safety measures

Despite their sleek design, WeatherMaster bi-fold door system prioritizes security, featuring multi-point locking systems, robust frames, and heavy-duty hinges. With tough laminated glass and secure locking mechanisms, they not only add value to your property but also serve as a deterrent against intruders.

Elevated property value

WeatherMaster bi-fold door system elevates both the aesthetics and functionality of any residence, augmenting its worth over time. Harmonizing effortlessly with diverse architectural styles, they illuminate dim spaces while facilitating easy access to outdoor areas.

Minimal maintenance and exceptional durability

Crafted from resilient materials such as aluminum, WeatherMaster bi-fold doors endure fluctuating temperatures and inclement weather with ease. Requiring only occasional washing and oiling, they demand minimal upkeep, ensuring prolonged longevity and performance.

Exclusive outdoor solutions with WeatherMaster bi-fold door system by Core Contracting

Customized outdoor solutions have been crafted by Core Contracting, the industry leader for over 35 years. You can rely on our skilled team to provide WeatherMaster bi-fold doors solutions that complement your environment

We carefully realize your idea through cooperative collaborations, making sure that every little detail is taken care of. From idea to completion, Core Contracting creates exquisite exterior designs that improve your WeatherMaster bi-fold door system, practicality and beauty while also enhancing the appeal of your living area.

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Do you have any questions about the WeatherMaster bi-fold door system?

WeatherMaster bi-fold doors seamlessly blend interior and outdoor areas thanks to its large glass panels and thin profiles, which optimize natural light. Their streamlined style improves the overall look of your house and gives it a contemporary feel.

Yes, WeatherMaster bi-fold doors are made to resist a variety of weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and extremely high or low temperatures. They are built to last all year round using dependable materials and engineering.

Numerous customization possibilities are available for WeatherMaster bi-fold door system, such as various frame finishes, glass kinds, combinations, and hardware options. This gives you the option to customize the doors to fit your own tastes and architectural design.

The insulated glass panels and weather-stripping of WeatherMaster bi-fold doors are designed to reduce heat transfer, enhancing indoor comfort and energy efficiency. They may lower heating and cooling expenses by assisting with the maintenance of constant temperatures throughout the year.

WeatherMaster bi-fold doors clean up simply with a little soap and water and require very little maintenance. To guarantee smooth operation, hinges and tracks may need to be lubricated on occasion. Inspections on a regular basis might assist in spotting problems early on.

Indeed, WeatherMaster bi-fold doors are adaptable and suitable for installation in a variety of architectural contexts, such as current architectural designs, commercial buildings, and residential dwellings. They are adaptable to various opening configurations and sizes.

Yes, for increased security, WeatherMaster bi-fold doors have reinforced glass, sturdy frames, and multi-point locking mechanisms. They are made to satisfy strict safety requirements and give homeowners comfort.

WeatherMaster bi-fold doors have a lengthy lifespan when properly cared for and maintained. They come with warranties to provide further guarantee of quality and endurance, and they are designed to resist the rigors of regular use.

Yes, WeatherMaster bi-fold doors may be made to fit huge spaces and come in a variety of configurations. They are perfect for optimizing views and designing large indoor-outdoor living areas.

The installation of WeatherMaster bi-fold doors is typically carried out by professional contractors who are trained and experienced in handling such projects. At Core Contracting, the process involves measuring the opening, preparing the site, installing the frame and tracks, fitting the doors, and ensuring proper alignment and operation. It is recommended to hire licensed contractors to ensure the installation is done correctly and to manufacturer specifications.

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